Business Kinetics Provides digital platform on which Enterprises/professional can promote their webinar event. A webinar is an online learning event aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to a target audience, using voice audio, slides, screen sharing and text chat. It is organized around specific learning objectives which are identified in advance, and which form the basis for relevant webinar content and interaction. Every webinar has a facilitator and one or more presenters (sometimes these roles are combined). The facilitator promotes the event, sets up the online platform, opens the webinar, provides various types of technical support, and ensures follow-up.

The presenter, usually a subject matter expert, creates and presents the learning content of the webinar, and engages the participants through interaction. Webinars are highly popular because they require limited resources, can be organized relatively quickly, and offer a great way to get people together for an interactive learning event having to spend money and time on travel.