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Business Kinetics LLP provides a spectrum of legal services to its domestic and international clients, which include multinational public and private companies and other corporate entities

We provide legal consultancy services on following Matters:-
  • All types of legal services including but not limited to drafting of agreements, contracts, memorandum of understanding, or any other contractual documentations, contractual or any other commercial, legal statutory documentation and to act as advisers and consultants on all legal matters to any business entities either Private Limited ,Public Limited, Government companies, proprietary concerns, partnership firms or any other legal entities in India or abroad.
  • Legal assistance/ consultancy to private parties and Govt. agencies for legal/legislative drafting of various procedures, rules, regulations, and bye laws etc.
  • Legal assistance in case of arbitration/ mediation case on national and international level. Advising clients and handling arbitration cases related to Commercial Contracts, , Contractual Disputes, Construction Agreements, Service Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Supply Contracts, Marketing Agreements, Sale Agreements, etc.
  • Advising clients on conciliation and mediation matters
  • Advising clients on alternative dispute resolution laws and procedures
  • Legal services in engaging advocate in case of dispute/ litigation.

We are easily accessible and offer our expert guidance and advice on the legal matters after ascertaining all the relevant details. Please send us your query in the form below and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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