Social networking sites offer a great platform to the people for connecting with each other. Social networking has improved communication and has managed to shrink the world into a small town.

Business relationship and Professional networking is the primary objective of Business Kinetics. Business Kinetics is created for the purpose of professional networking and promoting business relationship between companies as well as between professionals. In place of social networking platform it can be best defined as professional media because user connections on Business Kinetics are more relevant to user’s work rather than any other casual acquaintance .

Technology is constantly changing, which means the way businesses brand and market themselves is changing too. With the rise of social media platforms, it’s easy to get your company name out to customers directly, but can be less effective in branding your company to other companies, potential employees or networking and business leads.

Business kinetics allows Companies to create their profile to define and promote their business but is also useful for exploring other businesses and people who have similar interests, strategies or profiles to yours

Business Kinetics Provides platform to companies to create/ showcase their detailed profile , Companies can use this feature to promote their brand’s core values, nurture leads and of course, improve the visibility of any job opportunities currently available. Communities are core to the success of every business. Employees, partners, customers and job candidates comprise a community, and together, can help drive your company’s growth through meaningful conversations. Business Kinetics provides such platform for the growth of professionals as well as of companies

Suppliers /Contractors provide goods and services to Buyer/organization. Supplier development is closely related to supplier relationship management and is the process of working with certain suppliers on a one-to-one basis to improve their performance for the benefit of the buying organization. Most of the client/ Buyers issue tenders/ enquiry for their particular project to the supplier/ contractor registered with them. Without the proper management of these vendors you can soon find that many organization is overpaying for goods and services, and losing money on a range of hidden costs. However Business kinetics provides a platform to connect Buyers with lot of supplier/ Contractors, it will not only increase client/buyer supplier/ contractor development process but will also create a cost effective solution for their projects

The Industrial Professionals having key technical skills can have the option of redefining their career path through productive connections with the Companies. The site is envisioned to provide a platform and plethora of opportunities for the fresher’s also.

Business Kinetics portal has features through which Companies can post their Business news and webinar advertisement , Success stories and other advertisement related to their brand . Through these features companies can represent their brand, business unit, or company initiative and company achievements/ awards. These pages are intended to develop a long-term relationship with a specific audience. Through webinar promotional activities company can create awareness in the professionals/ clients about their products, services. All these features will promote the know how / connections/ relationship between companies and professionals

This is a platform on which professional showcase their skills, expertise, education, experience, etc. We might be thinking that a resume also can do these things, but one thing to keep in mind – resumes are not launched or sent to someone until you personally do it. We can update your resumes to job sites, but who sees them? We are sure not many. But if someone will update their profile in business kinetics , chances are there that the number of audiences will increase.

why having a Business Kinetics profile is so important? Let’s see why it is important?

  • Will connect you: If user want to get connected with different professionals from diverse industries, domains, and backgrounds, it is time for you to be active on business kinetics because it provides ample opportunity to get to know about like-minded people.
  • To know about Job Postings: If we want to remain updated about the ongoing hiring trends in different companies Business kinetics will help you to a great extent. People, who are looking for a job can follow the company profile on Business Kinetics . By doing so, they will always be updated as and when the company posts any openings.
  • Globalization: By being active on Business Kinetics , you are making your profile available for a broader audience. Business Kinetics is not only being used in India but overseas as well to a great extent. So, once user complete their profile on Business Kinetics Platform with the right choice of Keywords and content, it will be visible to them beyond the country’s barriers.
  • Personal Branding: By developing and keeping our profile updated on Business Kinetic, user are creating their own brand. Business kinetics comes with features to showcase recent achievement and award received by professionals. which further validate and reinforces your areas of expertise. This makes it bit more real and interesting. It is good to know about a person who is being awarded .
  • A good mate: Having a Business Kinetics profile is like keeping your diary but for professional use. Whenever you win an award, undertake a project or volunteer a task, just update that on your Business Kinetics profile. By doing so, you will not miss any of the important details which a recruiter must know in order to hire you for a particular organization.

Business Kinetics LLP also promotes interconnections between companies. In sectors like OIL & Gas, Power , Automobile, Chemical & Fertilizer there are a number of suppliers, buyers , contractors/consultants who are not connected with each other.

Suppliers/ Contractor are a crucial part of any supply chain; in today’s world of complex and integrated supply chain systems, the relationship between customer and supplier is more critical than ever. However major issues are most of the supplier does not know the buyer for their product or vice versa . Most of the companies works based on their limited vendor/supplier data bank and some times there are no supplier in the data bank for a particular product/ Service .

The companies use Business kinetics (BK)social networking platform to connect better with their potential clients and business partners. Companies can create their business profile in BK site under three category (i.e Buyer/Supplier/Contractor ) based on services they render/ items they manufacture/ supply. Companies can showcase their products and services on these sites which help them gain more profit and establish a large online customer base.

Moreover, people in search of jobs use the sites to connect better with employers and firms. This gives them a great opportunity to seek better jobs.

Business Kinetics also provide manpower consultancy to industrial sector and also provide platform to post their job requirement.

Business Kinetics provides webinar advertisement features to Professionals also, so that they can share their Know-How and information .

Business Kinetics aims to provide meaningful help and assistance to the thousands of professionals and enterprises that are in our view are backbone of economy.